10 Budget Friendly Updates to Increase Home Value

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Published on August 12, 2016

10 Budget Friendly Updates to Increase Home Value

You’re selling your home and you (like all sellers) want to get the most money possible out of the sale. One important detail to remember as a homeowner that is selling, is that buyer do not have the same emotional attachment to your home that you have. While you remember all the memories your family has shared in that scuffed up family room, buyers see what needs to be fixed. When a buyer sees something that is tarnished or broken, they automatically think it needs to be replaced, running the mental budget in their head up. There are several ways you can prevent this from happening to you.

By doing these simple 10 updates to your home, you will increase the value of your sale drastically. However, it is important to remember when making updates to your home, to chose things that are current and not personal. Keep changes basic. Just because you love the aquamarine paint choice for your kitchen doesn’t necessarily mean that the buyer will.


Cleaning your home is the single most important sales factor in selling your home. Not the finished basement, or the bathroom remodel. When buyers walk into a clean home, they think it is a home that has been well taken care of. This is not only the single best thing you can do to increase your value it is the cheapest! Clean EVERYTHING! I mean deep clean it all! Why? Because when a buyer sees something dirty and worn they assume it needs replacing. Because if the seller could have cleaned it, they would have. Right?

As an agent who shows homes often, you wouldn’t believe how many dirty homes I see with buyers and how quickly it alters their perception of the home. Most buyers prefer a neat and tidy dated kitchen versus a dirty cluttered kitchen.

Most sellers miss several places before they put their homes on the market to sell. Don’t forget to clean all the following:

  • Basebboards
  • Light fixtures
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Dishwasher
  • Between the washer and dryers in the laundry room
  • HVAC vents
  • Windows and door tracks
  • Shower head and shower doors
  • Remove cobwebs from corners


A fresh coat of paint will work wonders for your home. Chose light neutral colors that will make your rooms look open and large. Simple changes in paint can make your rooms look much larger, and 10 times cleaner. If you want to go the extra mile, finish with painting the trim. Cans of paint can be as cheap as $25 dollars, so grab a few and start sprucing up those rooms.


Installing new cabinets can be expense and is not the wisest decision when selling. Making a simple upgrade to your cabinet hardware in the kitchen and bathrooms is much more cost efficient. You can buy new handles at your local Lowes, Home Depot, or Amazon for little to no cost, and if you really get to moving a new coat of paint too.


You hate your mix matched appliances, but buying all new ones for a home your selling just isn’t feasible. Well, did you know that most appliances have a front panel that can be removes and replaced. Changing out the panels can give your entire kitchen a huge facelift, at little cost.


Caulk is very cheap, usually around $5 a tube, and can add instant value to your home. Old caulk around your sinks and tubs can yellow and sometimes mold. This leaves your (now clean) kitchen and bathrooms, looking dingy and unsanitary. By replacing the caulk, buyers will now see clean sinks and tubs, as well as appreciate the upgrade to the plumbing.


With a fresh neutral coat of paint on the walls to light up your home, the addition of some new light fixture will only enhance the open atmosphere. Take outdated fixtures down and replace with new basic fixtures to enhance the value the buyer sees in each room. Or if your fixture are in good condition, a little cleaning and a coat of spray paint will often do the trick.


Carpet is a feature in a home that becomes quickly becomes outdated. Old color and patterns will quickly deter buyers from a home. If its in your budget to re-do the floors, go for it! If not try renting a steam cleaner to brighten up the current carpets and remove any stains (as well as leave the room smelling great). Or look for reasonably priced rugs at your local HomeGoods.


The addition of new faucets and shower heads to your bathrooms instantly adds value to your home. Make sure that they match and coordinate with current trends. It’s also not a bad idea to add this upgrade to the kitchen.


The first thing a buyer sees when previewing your home is the curb appeal. If your lawn is well maintained and your flower beds are weed free when the buyers pulls into your driveway, your already off to a good start. Plant new flowers in your flower bed and pots, power wash your sidewalks and porch area, and give your front door and fresh bright coat of paint. For more information on landscaping click here.


Home warranties can give sellers peace of mind and much needed protection. Studies show that homes sold with a warranty, resulted in faster sales for more money. When a buyer feels safe they are willing to invest a little more money. Selling your home and buying a new one often puts sellers in a financial stressful time in life, taking care of this aspect can save you tons of money in the long run. For more information on Home Warranties check out my previous blog here.

Now that your home has been thoroughly cleaned, and you’ve made all these amazing upgrades, call me and let’s get it sold. I guarantee my skills paired with these 10 tips to increase your home value will result in sale that you will be more than please with. Contact me today to get your house on the market!