4 Tips to Sell Your Home Effectively During the Fall

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Published on September 26, 2016

4 Tips to Sell Your Home Effectively During the Fall


Despite what many people may say, listing your home in the fall can be very beneficial. The most common time to list a home is during the spring season and the typical listing agreement in Cullman County has a 6 month duration. By the time fall rolls around most of the homes listed in the Spring have expired off the market. This leaves your home to featured in more buyers home searches.

With fewer homes on the market, and your home in the spot light, you can easily sell your home quickly. A well positioned home has the potential to attract multiple buyers during this season. Most people prefer not to move during the winter months, meaning fall is a crucial time to attract these buyers before the cold winter months set in. While people are ready to buy homes any time of year, Autumn is not a time of year you want to disregard when it comes to selling–especially if you know how to prepare your property to sell.

In the spirit of crisp air, leaves changing, and pumpkin flavored everything. Let’s get into the 4 sure fire ways to selling your home effectively during the Fall season.

  1. Curb Appeal

The exterior is the first thing people see when coming to look at a property. Just like a first impression, you want to set the right tone. Whatever season you decide to sell your home in, this is a step that applies to all. But one of the challenges you will face during the Fall season is the die off of various plants around the property. You’re going to want to clean things up if you wish to attract the right buyer.

As leaves fall from trees, flowers die from the first cold snap, and other plants noticeably wither away, it is helpful to clean up and discard decaying matter before showing your home. This task is an ongoing process, so it is important to remain on top of it to keep your property looking its best for potential buyers.

Purchasing some seasonal plant from your local nursery, like Heatherly Farms, is an easy way to spruce up your curb appeal. Mums and pumpkins are cost effective, easy to maintain, and are sure to trigger the feeling of Fall when people come to visit your home. Also, be mindful of mold and mildew that may be accumulating on decks and siding. Buyers will still be looking over these areas as they preview your home.

2. Decorating the Interior

With Fall being many peoples favorite time of year, decorating your home for the holidays is a great advantage point for a seller. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are right around the corner, and depending on the time your have your home listed you can take advantage of the associations buyers have with these special dates.

Keep your decor and the general feel of your house in tune with the holiday that is coming up. Businesses and retail stores do the same to invoke the feel of the holidays in potential buyers. They can then see themselves and their families enjoying that same holiday in your home.

Your decor does not have to be over the top (sometimes less is more). Everyone can appreciate some cute pumpkins for Halloween or the smell of fresh baked pies and cookies for Thanksgiving. If you hit the right note you may achieve a sale without even trying.

3. Pricing Accordingly

No matter the season you decide to sell your home, pricing it accordingly is one of the most important tips! Some people claim that in the off seasons homes must be pricing lower to actually sell. This is not necessarily true. You home needs to be priced to compete in the current market, whatever that happens to be at the time. Work with your real estate agent to set the right price for your home.

A licensed Realtor will be able to pull comparable properties in your market and skillfully advice you on a competitive price. Overpricing your home will only extend the Days on Market and push potential buyers to other homes in your area by making them seem more attractive (Click here to read more on Overpricing your home). Keep in mind that during the Fall days get shorter as far as natural light goes, and shorter days means less time for your house to be shown as many people want to see the home in daylight hours. It only makes sense to price your home right the first time and get the best offer you can.

4. Choosing a Realtor You Trust

There is one reason that you are considering selling your home in the Fall. You have a house to sell and it is time to get to it. The temperatures are dropping, the holidays are coming and buyers are motivated to close asap. This can work to your advantage alongside a trusted Realtor.

Make sure you pick a real estate agent you like working with, one that has a solid record of selling houses year-round at prices that are near what he or she lists them for the first time. Make sure they have good reputations by talking with references that have worked with him or her recently.

Ask hard real estate questions about real numbers. One of the biggest mistakes a homeowner can make is not taking the interview process seriously. While working with some you like is important, personality does not sell homes! Once you have the facts, choose someone you feel you can trust and follow his or her advice closely.


If you’re serious about selling your home in the Fall, take this tips and get to work! As for choosing a Realtor to assist you this season, feel free to call me with any questions you may have. I am passionate about serving the community that I grew up in and still call home! Call me today to get you home under contract before Winter.