Lacey’s Favorite Thanksgiving Dish

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Published on November 6, 2017


Sweet Potato Casserole with Marshmallow and Pecan Streusel

We’re doing a little something different for our subscribers this month on our blog and I. AM. SO. EXCITED! We decided to give you a little taste (pun intended) of our favorite holiday dishes. Myself, Haley, and Martha will be sharing the recipes that always sit on our table with you here on our blog.

I have always dreamed about being a food blogger. I can just imagine cooking and baking all day, trying out fun recipes with unique ingredients, tasting said fun recipes (YUM!). I’m a foodie at heart! And let’s be real it’s the best part about the holidays, all the delicious food.


I don’t know about you but I can’t imagine a thanksgiving feast without sweet potato casserole! It’s just not right. Its a classic dish that accompanies turkey like jelly does to peanut butter.

When I got married, I realized that with marriage (and finally graduating from the kids table) meant bringing a covered dish to the family gathering. I immediately knew I wanted to bring the iconic thanksgiving dish. But what if it wasn’t good, the horror of bringing home a full dish tormented me. So, I began scrounging the internet for the best sweet potato casserole around. Which is precisely where I came across Allison at Celebrating Sweets and her hit recipe that I cook every year.

Ya’ll I can’t even tell you the amount of goodness this casserole brings to the table. It’s the classic sweet potato casserole taken to a level of deliciousness that you never would have imagined. The traditional recipe typically calls for toasted marshmallow topping which is great. But then there’s this recipe! The pecan streusel, made up of brown sugar, cinnamon, butter, and pecans, scattered atop the casserole is like little bits of heaven in your mouth. Paying homage to traditions the streusel is combined with mini marshmallows. Once baked the topping flavors of browned cinnamon-sugar pecans and gooey toasted marshmallows merry together leaving every bit as tantalizing as the first.

You can even prep this dish a few days ahead so you don’t have to do all the cooking the day of the get-together.  What a bonus!

For the full recipe click here. Allison does an amazing job walking you through this amazing recipe and even does a little how to video for you to follow along. Check it all out here.

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as me and my family. Let’s just say if you bring this kicked up sweet potato casserole to your family dinner, you’ll be bringing home an empty dish. From my family to your Happy Thanksgiving!